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What to do if your plans change

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I chatted a bit about weekend plans from my last blog post and the importance of creating a weekend eating schedule. If you didn't get a chance to read it, you could find it here. But what happens if your plans change? Maybe your friend cancels, or you aren't having that amazing dinner that was high in fat, and you planned your entire day around it. Now it's 3 pm, and you have all of this fat left that you have to somehow consume before bed.

Some people would think that this is AMAZING; now I can splurge. But the reality is, it can be challenging.

Last night we planned to smoke spareribs, I researched it (because honestly, who really knows how much meat is actually on 1 sparerib bone), and I found out that approximately 1oz of meat is on 1 bone. P.S Calorie King is a great database to use for nutritional information. So, I put that into Cronometer, which, if you didn't know, spareribs have a lot more fat than you would think. But, come to find out, the extension cord to the smoke was wet and frozen, which means that we couldn't smoke them and it had to be put off till the day after.

Now, I deleted that entry from Cronometer, and WOW, I had a lot of protein and fat to make up to ensure that I am fueling my body appropriately.

Most of the time, if one thing is higher in 1 macronutrient, it can be lower in another. In this case, It was carbs. I consumed my normal amount throughout the day, so for dinner (and everything else), I had to choose foods that were lower in carbs.

Even though I already had lunch by this time, I decided to make myself a sandwich. Poking around the refrigerator and pantry, I came across some single-serving tuna cans and low-carb pita bread, then I added mayo (only half the serving) and had some popcorner chips.

Total macros for that light, a before-dinner snack was: 19g protein, 30g carbs, and 10g fat.

Then I noticed that I was still pretty short, so I reached for a "Two Good" greek yogurt cup that is low in fat, low in carbs, but high in protein. And very yummy🤤

I would love to say that I hit all my macro targets swimmingly. But by the end of the night, I was short of my protein. In hindsight, I should have had a protein shake before bed. This would have brought my protein up.


Pro tip: Sometimes (or a lot of the time) plans change and you need to adjust to them. Create a "toolbox" list of go-to foods and snacks to help when you are in this situation. This will continue to help you crush your goals and relieve the anxiety of "what should you eat."

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