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Flexible Dieting: Week 1 Down!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

It's been 1 week since I re-started this journey. I feel great! Energy is good, I am focused, and motivated!

Taking the time to reflect back on this week is important in understanding where I came up short, what went well and what I can do differently in the following week. The questions that I ask myself are:

  • How is my energy levels in and out of the gym

  • How is my performance at the gym

  • How is my sleep

  • Am I hitting my macro target

  • Am I being 100% truthful to myself (because you know, we all like to lie to ourselves... sometimes)

  • Have I been 100% consistent with weighing and logging everything

  • How has my mood been

  • Any significant stressors

  • Any medical issues

And then I would take a look at my spreadsheet (where I record my daily weight, and macronutrients)- trying to look for any noticeable patterns and the average weight loss. See picture below for my information from the last week.

Lastly, taking weekly pictures and measurement are important. You should use multiple progression tools and not just one (especially solely the number on the scale).

Normally you would send all of this stuff to a nutrition coach for them to analyze and provide feedback, So you can continue to crush your goals!

Remember me saying that you have to be 100% honest with yourself about what you have consumed. Perfect example on 2/22/21, I forgot to add a snack that I had earlier that day and didn't realize it until later that night. So, instead of ignoring it, knowing that I was going to be over, I added it anyways.

I mean if you aren't going to have integrity with yourself, who are you really going to have it with?


Flexible dieting and nutrition is an art and not one way or method fits all. That's why hiring a nutrition coach is extremely beneficial to help you on your journey.

If this sounds like something that your like "Hell ya, sign me up NOW!" I would love to chat with you! Connect with me here ❤ Talk soon!

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