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Interested in what people are saying about nutrition coaching with Brittany?

This is what Heather has to say after completing her 30 day challenge

"Alright the moment you have all been waiting for....

My macros March Results & Take-a-ways

Height: 5'4

Job: Bank Manager

Activity Level: Ultramarathon Training, daily yoga and 1day/week strength training

Daily Macros:

Carbs: 218g

Fat: 69g

Protein: 218g

Calories: 2081


Lost 3' on my waist and 1.5' on my tummy. 

March 1, 2021 Weight: 168.8

March 31, 2021 Weight: 157.7- This is the lowest I have weighed in all of my 20's!!!!🤯

That is a decrease of 11.1 lbs

Tips if you want to be successful:

*Consider Brittany Welton for your nutrition coach

*Get an accountability buddy- Knowing my best friend id doing this as well, made me feel better knowing I wasn't alone." 

Rachel says this

"Before working with Brittany, I was feeling frustrated. I was working out every day, and eating in what I thought was a calorie deficit, but I wasn't seeing any results. I felt stuck and like I was putting in all this effort and seeing nothing in return. "

"Brittany showed me a real, accomplishable action plan and helped me manifest it into reality! Now I can use the tools I've learned and keep it going to reach ALL my goals!! "

Here is what Adam has to say..... 

"I noticed an almost immediate change. My energy improved measurably. This includes normal all-day energy as well as endurance energy in my workouts." 


 I also experienced a major improvement in my cholesterol levels. I had blood-work taken in February of this year and had LDL levels (bad cholesterol) of 167 and HDL levels (good cholesterol) of 81. I had my blood tested again in August this year and my LDL dropped to 118 (a 30% drop from only 6-months earlier). My HDL increased to 88 from 81 as well. My diet changes made while working with Brittany have helped me be more fit, more energized and measurably healthier.

I would highly recommend hiring BW coaching. Brittany is extremely qualified and has wide expertise in nutrition and fitness. Her nutrition program is super-easy to follow and educational as well. I believe that anyone who values their health, fitness and quality of life, should make the investment into their specific nutritional needs.

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