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The Best Kept Nutrition App Secret

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

When it comes to nutrition apps, MyFitnessPal™ takes the spotlight due to popularity, but I am here to inform you about another nutrition app, one that puts all other nutrition apps to shame, Cronometer™.

Cronometer ™is available for download through google play and iTunes. There are two tiers to Cronometer™, individual and professional. The professional tier is excellent if you require a nutritionist for medical reasons. This app allows you to be continuously connected with your provider.

I like the functionality of this app. There are the barcode option and the manual option to input food. Suppose you decide to type in the foods manually verse using the scanning functionality. In that case, the only foods that populate are from reputable sources such as NCCDB, USDA, CNF 2010, IFCDB, CoFID, and NUTTAB (both domestic and international databases).

If you cannot find the desired food, you can create a food or recipe, and those are private unless you decide to share with a friend. Chronometer™ also has an additional feature; Ask the Oracle. You can search for foods that meet specific criteria, or you can use "suggest foods" for a list of foods that match the user's macronutrient daily target. For example, suppose a person wanted more fiber or omega-3. In that case, they could search specifically for food items that are high in those micronutrients (all lesser nutrients, i.e., sodium, vitamin D, and others).

Chronometer™ is also equipped with other health tracking functionalities. Additionally, Cronometer's dashboard is filled with all of the users' daily nutritional information; to include macro and micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This makes it easy for the user to quickly view their health indicators.

Individual health indications and targets

Cronometer’s platform is the perfect app, whether it is for an Olympic athlete, athletic enthusiast, a person under medical care, a new mom looking to get back into shape, or your everyday Joe.

Be sure to check out my other blog post about tracking macro nutrients.

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