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Everything you need to know about fluid balance and what it means for your workouts

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Can you believe that almost two-thirds of an adult's body is composed of water? Fluids are essential in keeping the body working correctly. Fluids assist in:

  1. Transporting nutrients to the rest of the body;

  2. Fluids help regulate the body's temperature, senses, provides lubrication for the body's joints, and cushions essential organs;

  3. Lastly, fluids increase the digestion and absorption rate of nutrients.

So, what is the fluid balance?

Fluid balance is the act of taking in the amount of fluid that a person puts out.

People lose fluids throughout the day through respiration, perspiration, urination, defecation, and expectoration.

This fact becomes even more critical for people who are involved in physical activity. While it is essential to drink water throughout the day, the athlete should practice staying well hydrated before, during, and after their block of physical activity.

There are many benefits to drinking water and staying hydrated during workouts to include:

  • keeping your energy levels up

  • regulating your temperature

  • keeping your focus and concentration

  • preventing you from getting cramps

Want to learn more about staying hydrated to fuel your workouts? Check out this article by Bupa.

Reference the below infographic on recommended fluid intake, guidelines for fluid consumption around exercise, and consequences of not keeping the fluid balance.

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